Our Commitment. Your Business.

Success in the utility industry requires sound business and financial strategies, well-designed rates, and solid regulatory compliance practices.

Our business consulting team is committed to your business and your success.

Our Focus. Your Grid.

We know the design and performance of your electric delivery system is fundamental to the success of your business.

Our team of engineers and field technicians are focused on your system - your grid.

Our Energy. Your Power.

Power purchases represent the largest single-cost of doing business for electric utilities.

Our power supply professionals have the energy, knowledge, and experience to deliver power deals that can make the largest cost a big benefit.


Municipally-Owned Utilities

Investor-Owned Utilities

Industrial/Power Customers

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Every project requires focused and effective communication and management.  Learn about SE's commitment to successful project delivery.

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Power Engineering is our core mission.  Our team of engineers excel at delivering comprehensive, practical solutions to your electric infrastructure needs.

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Our focus is the success of your electric systems in achieving your business objectives in today's dynamic energy environment.

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Design meets reality in the field.  Our team of experienced field personnel translate your designs into finished projects.

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