Schneider Engineering, Ltd. was established in 1991 by O.W. Schneider, the Company’s founder and Chairman. O.W.’s goal was simple: “Schneider Engineering will deliver positive project outcomes and create satisfied, long-term Clients.” To accomplish this goal, Schneider Engineering provides high-quality engineering and business services in a professional and Client-focused manner.


Our services can be used to augment a Client’s internal resources, provide specific engineering and technical expertise, and meet the range of Client’s engineering needs. Schneider Engineering’s account managers work with every Client to identify their needs and requirements.

      • We align our services with the Clients' needs and directly support their system, operations, and business objectives.
      • We manage each project with standard processes and quality control. We understand that in this industry, projects must be well-designed and well-executed.
      • We ask for feedback and incorporate lessons-learned into our processes, products, and services. This is how we learn, grow, and improve.
      • We value an opportunity to discuss how we can help your business succeed in today’s competitive and challenging utility and energy industry environment.


To ensure positive project outcomes, our project managers continually focus on schedules, budgets, and work product.  We formally review every project weekly to confirm that the design and field teams, as well as other project resources, are all working together seamlessly.  The combination of thorough project management processes, along with dedicated and knowledgeable personnel, enables us to meet our unyielding internal standards for quality, accuracy, and Client/project partner communication.


We are commited to working every project with integrity, drive, and focus on a cost-effective service delivery.



J. Nakee Laws, P.E.   |   O.W. Schneider, P.E.   |   Steve Moffitt   |   Lance Pettigrew, P.E.