Recognizing the challenges and seeing the opportunities in today's utility marketplace is the key to providing effective engineering and business support to our Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) Clients.  We understand IOU service areas are growing and changing, and managing system growth efficiently and completely is critical.  We work as an extension of your resources and strive to streamline the processes involved in the design and construction of new T&D infrastructures.  Our regulatory support, engineering services, and T&D field services are some of our many services we make available to IOU clients.

Below you will find a few featured projects and services we have performed for various IOUs.  If you wish to hear more about featured projects and/or the services that we provide, please call us at 830.249.3887 or visit our Contact Page.


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The purpose of this project was to replace an existing crossing originally design and built in 1970. The existing structures showed signs of wear and clearance over lake was minimal.

The work that Schneider Engineering performed included surveying the area using GPS, staking structures prior to construction, preparing information for and recommending geotechnical firm to perform soil borings analysis, using geotechnical information to design foundations for structures to be placed in lake, preparing steel pole detail drawings and submitting to fabricator, and designing crossing including spotting structures and allowing for satisfactory clearance above the lake.


Schneider Engineering's scope of work included: Overhead design, distribution / field line staking, project management, preparing sag charts, construction coordination and inspection, preparing detailed drawings, preparing "As-Built" drawings, and preparing staking sheets and material lists.

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Schneider Engineering compiled existing Client unit drawings and/or developed new unit drawings in AutoCAD for this on-going project. The drawings are/will be used to develop a comprehensive specification book, issued in book-marked Adobe portable format. A select number of units incorporated into the specification book include guying, overhead, transformers, and underground.


Schneider Engineering's scope of work included: Drafting in AutoCAD, calculating sag and tension, evaluating existing stringing charts, and preparing unit specifications.