Schneider Engineering offers this service to enhance our Clients' existing Key Account services and provide utility managers and governing bodies with an objective report on the state of service.

The Large Power Account-Check (LPAC) is based on our belief that customer satisfaction is directly related to the quality and accuracy of service, along with open communication with and understanding of your requirements and priorities.  The LPAC service will provide the following deliverables and benefits:

    • Confirmation of quality and accuracy of physical service
    • Accuracy confirmation of rate application and billing processes
    • Increased communication and improved relationships
    • Identification of important issues and opportunity areas

The LPAC program is customized to meet your utilities' specific needs.  It includes a comprehensive review of the billing, coupled with a site specific verification of the metering equipment for compliance with utility standards.  Our independent evaluation includes an analysis to ascertain that the customer has been placed in the best rate class for the demand and load factor characteristics of the account.  A key element of the program is the independent interview with the large power customer to listen, share the results of the study findings, and identify target areas of service that may be important to the customer.

The end result of the LPAC process is a satisfied customer/member and a utility responsive to the customer needs.






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