Power quality is an important issue for electric distribution utilities in today's business and operational environment.  Schneider Engineering provides Clients with power quality investigation services, analysis, and comprehensive studies designed to identify and solve all types of power quality problems.  Power quality problems occur at the substation and feeder level, an on the consumer-side of the meter.

SE's Power Quality services and products include:

      • Monitoring and evaluation to establish baseline conditions at the substation and feeder levels
      • Troubleshooting, identification, and analysis of specific problems at distribution and consumer-side locations
      • Solutions for all types of power quality problems including wiring and grounding problems, harmonics, stray / transient voltage, voltage deviations, and monetary power outages
      • Comprehensive studies that provide Clients with a full report of power quality situations and recommendations designed to provide specific steps and processes for addressing power quality issues

SE’s engineers understand the industry standards and regulatory rules that establish guidelines for power quality. By developing performance-based targets and benchmarks, SE helps Clients prioritize projects, measure improvements, and systematically improve power quality on the electric distribution system.

Our experience in all types of engineering design projects, utility planning, and operational support gives us the ability to understand and evaluate the complex interactions and compatibility of sensitive electrical equipment and its electrical environment. Our tools include the latest monitoring and evaluation instruments and software. Our power quality services include recommendations for corrective action for all types of power quality situations.







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