From planning to commissioning, SE offers engineering and consulting services necessary for new power generation plants, as well as maintenance of existing facilities.  From gas plants to wind farms to utility scale solar, SE offers modern engineering solutions tailored to work for you now and into the future.  We are COMMITTED to providing reliable and efficient power generation solutions to meet our Clients' needs.


Schneider Engineering’s FOCUS is to assist our Clients in developing cost-effective solutions to their power portfolio needs, including development of power plants.  Our COMMITMENT is to promote sound economic decisions based on solid technical criteria.  Our team of consultants and engineers partner with our Clients to assess power generation needs to fit their specific needs.  Our teams recognize that efficient power generation is vital to maintaining a stable system.  Read More


As Owner’s Engineer, we partner with our Client’s to develop specific project requirements, manage the specification and selection of the EPC, provide business consultation and represent our Clients in the review of engineering design to ensure adherence to Owner’s requirements, monitoring of manufacturer’s vendor drawings, and support during construction and commissioning.  We serve as an advocate to your business objectives and operate as an extension to the organization.  Our experience as an EPC and Owner’s Engineer provides our Client’s with a unique resource to manage simple to complex projects.


Our team of engineers have experience in traditional Design-Bid-Build and EPC project delivery methods.  We can provide complete turnkey engineering services as a member of the EPC team.  Our experience as an EPC prime and an engineering subconsultant equips us to deliver complete solutions either in an EPC delivery or traditional design-bid-build system.   Schneider Engineering’s construction management services are designed to support our Client’s projects to ensure completion on-time and on-budget.  Our diverse staff of engineers, project managers, and construction inspectors are equipped to monitor and drive successful project outcomes in a variety of settings.  Read More


SE provides construction coordination and management services to partner with our Clients to ensure successful project outcomes.  We develop and administer contract documents, coordinate and manage construction, and maintain project status through communication of project schedules, budget, and deliverables.    Our team provides levels of oversight and inspection tailored to meet the need of our projects.  Read More


In today’s dynamic utility business environment, emphasis is placed on energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy issues.  New and proposed federal and state policies, funding opportunities, advancing technology, and increased consumer awareness are all combing to drive these issues forward.  SE’s experience in conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable issues – along with our significant planning experience and solid understanding of our Clients’ business environment – uniquely positions SE to provide the planning that will result in positive solutions.  A strategic plan addressing conservation and renewables provides managers, staff, members, and regional stakeholders with a common vision and roadmap for conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable programs, projects, and policies.  Read More


We help Clients cut through large amounts of information and focus on the specific requirements that have real implications. SE is experienced in assisting Clients with their regulatory compliance and/or permitting needs.  We assist Clients with preparing documentation, performing regulatory reporting, and submitting filings and necessary permits required by various governing bodies.  Read More



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