Our Substation Engineering team's diverse experience in engineering and construction brings unique ENERGY to distribution, transmission, and substation projects to accomplish single bus, ring bus, breaker-and-a-half, or double bus designs. SE’s Substation Engineering Team provides complete engineering and construction management services, including expertise in design and integration of SCADA and automation systems.  Our background in traditional Design/Bid/Build and multiple EPC delivery methods allow us to FOCUS on schedule and delivery methods to meet your specific project requirements and budget.


Schneider Engineering has experience in designing and engineering an array of distribution substations and transmission switching stations, including initial and final layout design, civil and site engineering, elevation details, steel fabrication drawing preparation, and ground grid design. SE’s staff is experienced in preparing major equipment specifications and managing procurement of substation power transformers, circuit switchers, transmission and distribution circuit breakers and reclosers, and metal-clad switchgear.


Schneider Engineering designs modern, protective-relaying substation schemes and controls to Client specification for transmission and distribution application. SE provides protection schematic design, control panel design, wiring diagrams, relay scheme and program development, logic diagram development, coordination and protection studies, and field programming of relays and IEDs.


Schneider Engineering designs and integrates metering, communications, and SCADA systems in substations or across the Client’s system. SE’s team of engineers can evaluate and assist their Clients with every category of SCADA automation and smart grid projects, including master station development, SCADA GUI interface development, preparation of points database, and integration of the system across the Client’s communications network. SE strives to stay current with the latest in infrastructure requirements for modern two-way automatic metering infrastructure technologies and can assist in meeting the present day utility challenges.


Our project management services are designed to partner with our Clients as an extension of staff to ensure that projects are completed on-time and on budget. From project inception, SE can develop a detailed project schedule and project budget to drive the engineering and construction effort.  Read More


Our team manages construction procurement with our Clients to obtain complete and competitive contracts for construction services either in the traditional Design/Bid/Build or in turnkey Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC) methods.  We maintain an extensive database of labor and material market pricing to support various contract structures to ensure a successful bidding process.  Our experience includes public procurement processes to meet the needs of our public power Clients.  Read More


Our strategy to a successful project depends on building and executing a project plan.  Our team initiates a project with a preliminary cost estimate for the construction based on our market pricing database.  Beginning with the estimate ensures the design and construction costs align with our Clients' financial constraints.

Our project management team guides the project through industry standard milestones to ensure budgets and schedules remain on track.  Projects are planned to include a combination of some of the following:

    • Conceptual Design
    • Preliminary Design
    • Detailed Design
    • Final Design
    • Construction Phase


SE provides construction coordination and management services to partner with our Clients to ensure successful project outcomes.  We develop and administer contract documents, coordinate and manage construction, and maintain project status through communication of project schedules, budget, and deliverables.

Our team provides levels of oversight and inspection tailored to meet the need of our projects.  Read More


Schneider Engineering ensures all project documentation is complete and certification processes are finalized. SE recognizes the final phases of projects are just as important as all others and can guarantee Clients receive complete project-specific documentation, including all “As-Built” drawings.



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     Greg Grusendorf, P.E.
     Senior Engineer
     E:  ggrusendorf@se-texas.com
     O: 830.249.3887  x601