Schneider Engineering's construction management services are designed to support our Client's projects to ensure completion on-time and on-budget.  We are experienced at multiple construction delivery systems including traditional Design / Bid / Build as well as variations of Engineer / Procure / Construct (EPC) methods to meet the project and Client's needs.  Our diverse staff of engineers, project managers, and construction inspectors are equipped to monitor and drive successful project outcomes in a variety of settings.


In order to systematically provide accurate cost estimates and specifications, we developed AUTOSPECTM - a database driven software that provides our engineers and construction managers with a detailed list of current market-based construction costs and major material costs.  Our database of construction project costs is continually updated with information in order to accurately estimate current and planned projects.  These resources and extensive contracting experience provide the foundation for our ability to accurately and competitively price EPC projects.


Our project managers remain involved in the projects following engineering to assist in the bidding and construction phases of the project.  SE conducts comprehensive pre-bid and pre-construction meetings onsite, and delivers timely construction tracking reports complete with digital photographs to inform our Clients of the progress on site and also to maintain an up-to-date issues list to keep project schedules on track.


Design / Bid / Build
We are experienced at the traditional method of construction delivery following a complete design process.  Our project managers coordinate the procurement phase from the beginning to end with processes to administer the following bidding process components:

    • Advertisements and Notices to Bidders
    • Release of Drawings and Specifications
    • Pre-Bid Conferences
    • RFI Administration
    • Bid Openings
    • Bid Evaluations and Recommendations
    • Contract Executions
    • Pre-Construction Conferences

Following the pre-construction conferences, our project managers transition from design into construction coordination and management phase to meet the needs of the project.

Engineer / Procure / Construct (EPC)
Our team brings leadership and innovation to the EPC methodology of construction.  Our experience with traditional design/bid/build methods give us a strong market based pricing foundation for building competitive EPC proposals from project inception.  Our team of engineers and subcontractors partner to deliver projects on time and within EPC budgets.  Our relationships with numerous product vendors allow for quick pricing on materials to ensure our costs are accurate, and expedited lead times where required to meet difficult timeframes.

We can adapt different forms of EPC methods of delivery to suit your project needs and goals.


Our staff of inspectors are industry leaders in construction and processes, and provide inspection to ensure the projects are built as engineered and meet applicable safety codes and industry standards.  Our inspection reports are distributed weekly with progress photos, and action items requiring contractor or engineering attention.  Read More






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