Schneider Engineering, Ltd. (SE) provides surveying, staking, and related field solutions for all types of field projects. We rely on our project experience and the latest technology to ensure we complete projects efficiently and accurately.

We pride ourselves on our technical ability and full understanding of all types of distribution or transmission engineering design issues. SE’s professionals work reliably and successfully with energy corridor Landowners.

Our staking projects utilize state-of-the-art survey-grade GPS systems coupled with industry standard software. The GPS system includes the following features and attributes.

      • PLS-CADDTM
      • GEOPAK
      • Fully-integrated CAD workstations
      • Sub-centimeter accuracy
      • Automated digital data collection
      • CloudWorx applications for survey computations
  • AutoCAD® LDD
  • Cyclone
  • MicroStation V8
  • SMDS

SE’s data collection processing systems generate output files in multiple formats for seamless integration with Client protocols according to project specifications.

In addition to our technical capabilities, SE has a proven track record of successful interaction with Landowners and Tenants during the surveying and staking process. We understand and respect their perspective when it comes to concerns about livestock, fencing, security, and ingress / egress of work vehicles and personnel. Successfully handling these types of Landowner concerns is an important objective for every SE professional that enters a public or private property on behalf of a Client.

Finally, SE has the available resources and flexibility to react quickly to changes in right-of-way clearing construction schedules. We know that project schedules can change due to weather or other factors. We have the crews, resources, and flexibility to adjust to changing project situations.



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     Mark Evans
     Distribution Supervisor
     O: 830.249.3887  x301