Core Value FAQs

What are Schneider Engineering’s core values?

  • Stay Focused
  • Be Adaptive
  • Work Smart
  • Commitment to the Team
  • Take Pride

Why were these core values chosen?
These values were chosen to help guide our employee’s work, shape their attitude, and ensure they contribute effectively to reaching SE’s shared objectives.

What are the quarterly core value awards?
Employees nominate other employees that exemplify each of the five core values.  Management then reviews the nominations to determine the winners, who then will each receive a $100 gift card for the particular core value.  An employee can receive an award for more than one core value per quarter.  They can also be nominated for the same core value by different employees, but the nominated employee will only receive one gift card for that particular core value.

What is the annual core value award?
A $500 gift card will be awarded to one employee that best demonstrated all five core values throughout the year.  This award is determined by upper management.  The award is then presented at the annual SE Christmas party.  The winner will also have their name engraved on a plaque displayed in the Menger office lobby.

How do I nominate someone?
Nominations can be made at the following link:

What are the requirements of the nomination?
The nominator must provide detailed evidence of how the nominee has demonstrated the particular core value via the nomination form (link above).

Can a nominator nominate more than one employee for a particular core value per quarter?

Can a nominator nominate their supervisor, or another supervisor?

When are the quarterly nominations due by?
Q1: March 5th (or Friday before)
Q2: June 5th (or Friday before)
Q3: September 5th (or Friday before)
Q4: December 5th (or Friday before)

When are the quarterly awards typically presented?
The first week of the following quarter.

Can I nominate myself?