Business Consulting

Working in both the Public Power and private sectors, we have proven our ability to assist the full spectrum of utility providers with their individual needs.  Our accumulated history, along with having specific experience, sets us apart from other firms.  Schneider Engineering’s Power Supply and Rate Services provide Clients with the full spectrum of business services.


Regulatory mandates increase every year, maintaining compliance with both state and federal level standards and requirements.  SE provides a practical service to help clients stay atop of deadlines, filings, meetings, etc.  Our team of engineers and business consultants know how to cut through large amounts of information and focus on the specifics that have real implications on the Client.


Our financial services team has the experience and knowledge to help Clients with rate design, cost-of-services studies, financial forecasts, and other financial and rate related projects.  We leverage our Client and industry knowledge to ensure we provide sound project deliverables for these important business areas.


Power supply decisions are often the most significant, long-term financial decision made by electric utilities.  SE provides the services needed to evaluate, price, and develop action plans related to long-term or short-term power supply procurement strategies.  We can work with you to develop RFP’s for full or partial load requirements and renewable or traditional power supply generation resources.  We manage the RFP process, evaluate proposals, and manage the negotiations to finalized contracts.


SE’s smart grid planning processes assesses the Client’s current situation in light of available smart grid technologies and capabilities.  Application of SE’s project experience and thorough understanding of regional and national smart grid programs means we can develop a tailored Smart Grid Plan that includes a list of “best practices” for the Client.


The electric industry has changed dramatically since 2001 and Schneider Engineering has assisted Clients with managing those changes during that period of time.  Green energy is on the rise, and SE recognizes and understands the importance of developing policies and conducting studies to determine the potential alternative energy resources available to the Utility.  We are experienced with distributed generation planning and policy development, community solar project support, solar distributed generation, plug-in electric vehicle studies, as well as solar feasibility studies.