Energy Technology Services

A more integrated, or “smarter”, electric grid holds the promise of greater reliability along with new opportunities for utility managers and consumers.  A well-designed planning process is essential in order to evaluate a utility’s current situation and ensure a systematic and cohesive implementation process for AMI and other Smart Grid systems.

Schneider Engineering can help utilities navigate the challenges and take best advantage of today’s Smart Grid opportunities.  SE provides guidance through a strategic planning process that considers your existing distribution system, control capabilities, metering infrastructure, and other relevant information.  Our experience with utility engineering distribution automation and SCADA, combined with knowledge of energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy projects, uniquely qualifies SE to offer optimal Smart Grid Planning solutions to you.

SE can help Clients answer the following questions:

  • What does “Smart Grid” mean to a utility?
  • What is the relationship between smart grid planning and energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy?
  • What is the best strategy, including timing and sequence, for implementing Smart Grid technologies and projects?
  • How much investment will the implementation of a Smart Grid strategic plan require?  Will the benefits justify the investment?

SE’s AMI / Smart Grid planning and deployment planning process assesses your current situation and evaluates available technologies and capabilities.  Application of SE’s project experience and thorough understanding of regional and national Smart Grid programs mean we can develop a tailored smart grid plan that includes a list of “best practices” for you.

The result is a package of detailed Client-specific recommendations and options, along with a sound strategy for your implementation.  SE stands ready to develop proposals and budgets required for you to move forward with a successful Smart Grid implementation plan.


Steve Moffitt
Vice President