Alternative Energy Services

In today’s dynamic electric utility business environment, emphasis is placed on energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy issues.  New and proposed federal and state policies, funding opportunities, advancing technology, and increased consumer awareness are all combining to drive these issues forward.

SE offers the following Alternative Energy services:

  • Distributed Generation Planning / Policy Development
  • Community Solar Project Support
  • Solar Distributed Generation
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle Studies
  • Solar Feasibility Studies

At Schneider Engineering, we believe Electric Utilities should be asking the following questions:

  • What should utilities offer in terms of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy?
  • How do these issues relate to “smart grid” concepts?
  • What strategic factors and options should utilities explore?
  • What criteria should utilities use to evaluate conservation, energy, efficiency, and renewable energy?

SE works with Client to answer these questions so you can develop and implement successful strategies to address these challenging issues.  Our experience in conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable issues – along with our significant planning experience and solid understanding of our Clients’ business environment – uniquely positions SE to provide the planning that will result in positive solutions.

A conservation-renewable energy strategic plan provides a blue print for moving forward with programs and project in a planned, rational, and economically feasible manner.  The planning process includes information gathering and review of the following:

  • Local, state, and federal requirements and policies
  • Funding sources and tax credits
  • Incentives and pricing considerations
  • Educational programs and projects
  • Local, regional, and/or affiliations

By directly considering conservation and renewable issues, electric utility managers can determine the best course of action for a business and membership perspective.  A strategic plan addressing conservation and renewables provides managers, staff, members, and regional stakeholders with a common vision and roadmap for conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable programs, projects, and policies.



Steve Moffitt
Vice President