Energy Supply Services

Schneider Engineering provides power supply planning services to help our Clients make informed and beneficial decisions regarding power / energy supply. Whether the issue is long-term or short-term power supply procurement strategies for full or partial load requirements, we have the experience and knowledge to assist our Clients in all stages of the process.

We provide the following services related to power supply / power marketing:

  • Portfolio Strategy Development and Management
  • Procurement Plan Development and Implementation
  • Contract Negotiation Support
  • Market Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Risk Management Policy Development and Implementation

SE supports Clients in developing strategies and goals related to power supply.  Starting with resource plans that reflect the Client’s own risk tolerance and financial goals, SE helps turn these plans into reality by developing and managing the RFP process.  SE assists with the evaluation of power supply proposals, supports the negotiations, and finalizes the contract terms and conditions.  Ultimately, SE helps utilities make sound power supply decisions with confidence.

With ever-changing electricity markets, power supply arrangements and contracts must also be adapted to ensure that the fundamental contract points and contract pricing remain consistent for Clients throughout the term of the agreement.  SE offers assistance in reviewing and re-negotiating existing power supply contracts, thereby ensuring that the agreement meets the operational and financial goals of the Client.

In addition to power supply planning, SE also offers engineering and planning resources that can provide a level of certainty for renewable resources throughout the development life-cycle.  SE can assist Clients in developing renewable energy plans that meet specified targets and can effectively pair renewable resource developers with end users to meet renewable energy goals.


Steve Moffitt
Vice President