Program Development / Training

Utility personnel have a wide-variety of responsibilities and tasks to perform – ranging from maintaining an open and transparent line of communication with Customers to compliance training to ensure facilities maintain the level of safety required.  Schneider Engineering’s Program Development/Training services are design to assist utilities with addressing these scenarios head-on.


MuniPowerTM is a communications program designed for Municipally-Owned Utilities (MOUs) with the goal of informing and educating utility customers about the benefits of the public power model.  Communication themes and messaging are developed for the campaign along with creative design elements for the deliverables, including coordinating graphic design, messaging, and scheduling to social media.  Program deliverables include social media / website content, brochures, posters, presentations, bill stuffers, short-videos, and fact ads to be utilized and presented through a variety of communication platforms.  Key campaign messages and themes include:

  • Local Control / Ownership
  • Rates and Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Recognition
  • Community Involvement / Support
  • Safety
  • Energy Resources / Efficiency (Including Seasonal)
  • Holidays / General / Other


SE developed a training program that is designed to assist utilities with training operations personnel on a range of compliance topics and provide practical information so these critical workers have both general and specific knowledge of these regulations and how to achieve and maintain compliance.  The training course curriculum/menu includes:

  • HB4150 Training – NESC Clearances and Hazard Recognition (PUCT)
  • Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control (SPCC) Training (TCEQ / EPA)
  • Emergency Operations Plan Training (State/County / TDEM)
  • Distributed Generation (DG) Training (City / PUCT)
  • Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) / Grid Emergency Training (ERCOT)
  • Permitting for TxDOT and Railroad Crossings / Easements (State)
  • Sabotage Awareness / Event Reporting Training (ERCOT / PUCT)
  • Tier-2 Chemical Reporting Training (TCEQ)
  • SB1004 / Pole Attachments Training (State / City)
  • Other Topics


In today’s dynamic electric utility business environment, emphasis is placed on energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy concerns.  New and proposed federal and state policies and funding opportunities, advancing technology, and increased consumer awareness are all combining to drive these topics forward.

A conservation/renewable energy strategic plan provides a blueprint for moving forward with programs and projects in a methodical, rational, and economically feasible manner.  By directly considering conservation and renewable concerns, electric utility managers can determine the best course of action from a business and membership perspective.