System Planning

Schneider Engineering, LLC’s (SE) FOCUS in system planning is to assist our Clients in developing cost-effective and reliable electric systems to meet their business needs.  Our COMMITMENT is to promote sound economic decisions based on solid technical criteria.  SE’s team of system planning engineers provides the following planning products, all designed to help our Clients succeed in the electric utility business.


Construction work plans provide our Clients with a tactical guide FOCUSED on identifying and budgeting system maintenance and capital improvement projects required to maintain reliable power systems.  The short term (2-4 year) plans are developed in partnership with management, and engineering and operations staff to ensure projected growth and demands on the electric system fit into the financial goals and constraints of the system.

Our planning studies typically include the following elements:

  • System Planning Criteria
  • Load Forecast Studies
  • Load Flow / Voltage Drop Analysis
  • Reactive Compensation
  • Project Development and Estimates
  • System Maps and Recommended Improvements


Schneider Engineering provides our Clients with the long range planning needed to prudently and economically maintain and expand their distribution systems. The planning process includes the collection of all relevant system data, the modelling of the system using sophisticated software, the identification of key issues for consideration and solid recommendations designed to ensure proper and fiscally sound system development and operation. SE long range plans provide system construction projects with cost estimates by load levels so that the strategic plan can be used as a guideline in developing future tactical work plans and financial forecasts.


Load forecast studies are a critical foundation to our Clients’ financial forecasts and an essential input to our system planning studies.  SE’s Load Forecast studies are tailored to meet your specific system needs, including compliance with RUS guidelines where required.

Our process analyzes historical performance, and projects growth over a 10 and 20 year period based on Client input.  The results are evaluated and normalized by weather and population data.  The result is a plan that can be effective in system and financial planning with the following central key elements:

  • Consumer Growth
  • kWH Sales Projections by Rate Class
  • Electric Demand Forecast


Our team of engineers and technicians partner with our Clients to provide essential analyses of their electric distribution system for optimum performance from a safety and operational perspective.  We operate as an extension of our Clients’ team to provide timely engineering support and studies, assisting with meeting the system performance goals of the following:

  • New Service Supply Plans
  • Arc-Flash Studies
  • Short Circuit and Protection Device Coordination Studies
  • Sectionalizing Studies
  • Power Quality Analysis