Welcome to Schneider Engineering

Welcome to Schneider Engineering!  You’ve picked a great place to work, and we are so glad to have you here!

A company’s culture is defined as “the distinctive personality of the organization”.  As you get settled in, you will begin to see our culture in action, and the various personalities that make Schneider Engineering so special.  To learn more about our Company’s culture, please visit Our Culture page HERE.   SE also has a set of core values that will help guide your work, shape your attitude, and ensure you contribute effectively to reaching SE’s shared objectives.  To learn more, visit our CORE VALUES page.

As a Company, we are committed to helping our employees grow and be successful.  We understand that the first few days, weeks, and even months of employment will be filled with excitement and many, many questions.  During this time you will meet co-workers, managers, etc. We are all here to support you!  Any one of us are available to serve as a resource, so please let us know what you need to accomplish your new responsibilities.

Welcome to the SE Team!